Know What Your Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover


Just because you have travel insurance doesn’t mean that you are covered for what insurance companies deem as “dangerous activity”. Even something as simple as riding a moped may not be covered.

Always make a list of the activities you intend to do at your destination and check them against your policy, if it’s not mentioned in the policy – be sure to ask your provider. This is particularly important if you are planning an adventure holiday or travelling with your family who have varied interests.

Some insurance companies cover a wide range of activities as part of their standard policy and it can be adequate for adventure & sports travel. However, they seldom cover extreme activities. If the activities you seek are not mentioned in the policy , the ask – NEVER ASSUME and here is why you shouldn’t:

HolidayGuard’s Adventure Travel Insurance covers almost 70 adventure and sports travel activities.

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Author: benzme

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