Travel Insurance For Expats

Travel Insurance
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It is not easy to find travel insurance for expats because most companies have restrictions on where they are allowed to sell. So if you have relocated to new country, you may no longer be eligible to purchase travel policies from your previous provider. Insurance companies seldom mention this, so always ask if you have relocated.

As an expat you should seriously consider is buying an annual travel insurance because:

  • It covers you for trips worldwide and back to your country or origin.
  • Being in a new country you are likely to travel more frequently.
  • Most annual travel covers are excellent for families because they include children and infants for free.
  • Some companies even throw in like ski trip insurance and water sports insurance for Free!
  • Some cover domestic travel which is important if you wish to discover the country you have moved to.
  • Most Multi Trip Insurance is transferable in case you move to another country. Strongly suggest you check before purchasing.

If you don’t intend to travel much, then there is always the single trip insurance you can purchase as and when you need them.

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