Travel Insurance For Cycling

Cycling en Amsterdam
Cycling en Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cycling is definitely making a comeback as a pastime and as a fitness sport. It is also a very relaxed and enjoyable way to move around when on holiday, especially in cities like Amsterdam, Belgium and many more.

Most travel insurance companies do not indicate whether cycling is covered by their policy so make a point to ask if you are considering cycling whilst on your trip. Cycling Travel Insurance provides medical protection against cycling related injuries and other incidentals like personal liability.

Travel Insurance seldom covers competitive cycling, so if you intend to participate in competitions be sure to check with your insurance company to see if it covers theft, loss or damage to your cycling equipment and what the payout ceilings are.

Ensure you always wear a helmet and other safety gear. Here is a very useful article from eHow on how to prevent common cycling injuries

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